Plone Conference 2022 - Namur

by Timo Stollenwerk - October 17, 2022

Group Photo Plone Conference 2022 in Namur

The 2022 editon of the anual Plone conference happend from October 10th to 16th in Namur, Belgium.

The kitconcept team was present with nine developers. Our team members gave three trainings, two keynotes, and six talks.


Two days filled with trainings. Free for all conference attendees. This offer is unique in the Plone community and kitconcept team members were the backbone of the trainings about how to use Plone 6. From deployment to development to deep insides into how Volto and Plone 6 works.

Alok Kumar, Jakob Kahl: Volto and React

Alok Kumar and Jakob Kahl did a two day training to help developers get started with Volto and React:

Check out their trainings online if you want to catch up:

Érico Andrei, Jens Klein: Installing Plone

Our colleague Érico Andrei gave a training about installing Plone with Jens Klein on day one about how to install Plone:

Victor Fernandez de Alba, Tiberiu Ichim: Effective Volto

Victor Fernandez de Alba is kitconcept CTO and the Volto Release Manager. Tiberiu Ichim is a Volto team member and one of the key contributors to Volto. They gave key insights into how to work effectively with Volto. If you have experience with Volto and you want to become a real pro, this is the training you should go to.

Day One

On day one, kitconcept team members presented three talks, including the main keynote of the day.

Keynote Érico Andrei

Plone Foundation president, and our teammate, Érico Andrei kicked off the first day of the conference with a keynote about the Plone community.

Case Study by Timo Stollenwerk

kitconcept CEO Timo Stollenwerk presented a case study about how kitconcept relaunched hundreds of websites with the Plone 6 stack.

Plone at Scale: How Plone Powers Hundreds of Websites at one of the Largest Research Institutions in Europe

Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar presented “A Deep Dive Into Internals Of Volto” where he explained the different configuration options in Volto.

Day Two

Plone 6 beyond 2022

Volto Release Manager Victor Fernandez de Alba presented the roadmap for Plone 6 and Volto beyond 2022.

David Glick: The past, present, and future of how we test Plone

Érico Andrei: Brazil still loves Plone

30 Million visitors on a single day. 670k content objects. If you are running a Plone site at scale you definitely want Érico Andrei on your team. He helped the Electoral Justice department in Brazil to run and scale Plone for the upcoming elections.

Rob Gietema: Nick: A Nearly Headless CMS

Rob Gietema started plone-react together with Roel Bruggink at the Beethoven Sprint 2017 in Bonn at the kitconcept office. This first became Volto and later Plone 6.

For Rob, this isn’t enough. Check out his latest “pet project” Nick CMS. A NodeJS-based CMS headless CMS backend that works flawlessly with Volto.

Day 3

Timo Stollenwerk, Victor Fernandez de Alba: State of Plone

Plone Release Managers Maurits van Rees, Eric Steele, Victor Fernández de Alba, and Timo Stollenwerk started day three of the Plone Conference with the third keynote about “The State of Plone”:


The kitconcept team continues to drive innovation in the Plone community. Volto is the default frontend for Plone 6 and dominates the topics during the conference. We are happy to be part of such an amazing community.

Schedule a demo of Plone 6 (Volto)

Do you want to see Plone 6 (Volto) in action? No matter if you are a developer interested in Volto or a company thinking about using Volto in an upcoming project. We are happy to give you a tour. Just drop us a note.

Timo Stollenwerk

Timo Stollenwerk is the CEO of kitconcept. He is a Plone developer for sixteen years and a Plone core developer for eleven. He is member of the Plone framework team, the release team, the roadmap team, the Volto team, and the CI and testing team.