Pastanaga Editor Status Report - Plone Beethoven Sprint 2018

by Timo Stollenwerk - July 20, 2018

During the Plone Beethoven Sprint in Bonn, we worked hard on creating a first version of a new content editor for Plone-React.

Here is a short demo of what the editor looks like right now:

Demo of the Pastanaga Editor with tiles

We already had a first implementation based on DraftJS that allows inline styles (e.g. bold, italic), block styles (headlines, (un)ordered lists), and links to remote URLs.

The new version of the editor is based on a “tiles” backend, that is build by Victor Fernandez de Alba during the sprint and released with plone.restapi 3.2.0.

This allows us adding more complex content elements such as images, videos, and in the future more complex layout elements.

With the new backend in place, Rob Gietema went ahead and implemented the basic editor that Albert Casado designed as part of the new Pastanaga UI for Plone.

pastanaga editor Mobile Pastanaga Editor design by Albert Casado

The user can type in the title, description and the text content of the document without worrying about form fields or be distracted by tabs and fieldsets.

In addition to the standard text editing it is now possible to add an image tile that can be placed on the left or right side, on the center of the page or in full page width.

Rob also added a YouTube tile that allows the editor to add a YouTube video URL and then displays the video within the editor and the page view.

Text, image, and video tiles can be added to a page. They can be deleted and moved up and down to change the order of the elements.

Next Steps

The new editor is a great accomplishment. The tiles endpoint in plone.restapi allows us to further enhance the current version of the editor with more advanced layout variants and tiles.

We plan to continue with our iterative and agile approach of building a useful, fully functional version of the editor with each step, that allows Plone companies to use the editor and Plone-React today in their client projects.

The next steps are polishing the editor and the existing tiles. Work out some UX issues that we found when working with the editor and building more advanced tiles.

Stay tuned for more news and features after the Costa Brava sprint…

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Timo Stollenwerk

Timo Stollenwerk is the CEO of kitconcept. He is a Plone developer for sixteen years and a Plone core developer for eleven. He is member of the Plone framework team, the release team, the roadmap team, the Volto team, and the CI and testing team.